Monday, November 1, 2010


For those waiting on the Homekeeping Notebook posts and the sourdough starters I thought I just better let you know whats up in our house ATM!

We're in the process of moving from the North Island to the South. The big guy left about 3 weeks ago to start his new job and all our furniture left just after him so I'm currently working desperately to finish the renovations on our house, with 2 kiddies underfoot, no washing machine (and still using cloth nappies argh which is the main reason I've included it in this list because its a definite point of stress as any cloth using mamas will understand!) and a list that seems to be getting longer!! Our tenant is due to move in in 3 weeks so I'm on a very tight timeframe and sourdoughing, etc has kind of gone to the pack!!

I'll finish the Homekeeping Notebook post as quick as I can and I'll do a post on making your own sourdough after that so for those waiting on me, you can work your own magic :) don't worry its super-easy!


Lindsey said...

Oh (((hugs)))! I knew you were moving but didn't realise the extent. Hope you can get everything sorted!

Aethalia said...

Wow, that is a big move to do mostly on your own. Big hugs, I thought moving 10 minutes down the road was hard, let alone between islands! Good luck, and dont stress about part two :D

Aethalia said...

Hey, how has the move gone? I hope you didnt move to chch and then be there for the quake!

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