Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Natural Hair Colourings

Reddish colouring
Boil up equal quantities of radish leaves and rdishes with myrtle leaves, in enough water to cover them. Use as a wash and as a rinse.

Brown colouring
Make a strong sage tea (1 cup herb to 2 cups boiling water) and use as a rinse.

Crush 20 green walnuts, shells, leaves and husks. Cover with water, add 1tbsp salt and a few more leaves. Stand overnight, strain and rub into hair.

Raspberry leaves and red poppies can also be made into a strong tea and used as a rinse (1 cup herb to 2 cups boiling water).

To blacken and darken grey hair
Artichoke leaves (globe artichokes), marjoram and elderberries are all effective hair darkeners. Boil up any one of them in enough rain/distilled water to cover. Stand overnight, strain and use as a rinse.

Arab remedy to darken grey hair
Thinly peel 6 green oranges. Steep the peel in maize or sunflower oil, just enough to cover the peels. Store for 3 months, strain and comb the oil through your hair. Cover with a showercap and leave on for half an hour. Shampoo out in normal way. Use oil once a week and you should soon notice a rich darkening of grey hair.

Fair hair
To lighten hair make a strong herbal tea using chamomile flowers, myrtle flowers or rhubarb root. Use as a rinse.


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