Friday, July 24, 2009

Meal Plan Ideas

Monday: roast chicken in the crockpot with roast vege (make extra)

Tuesday: roasted chicken fettucine using left over chicken

Wednesday: roasted vegetable frittatas using leftover roast veges with thai beef salad (I use rump steak and of course slice up extra)

Thursday: stirfry using sliced steak from last night and fat udon noodles (really quick to use they don't require cooking just chuck them in the pan with your meat and vege)(make a fair bit extra of meat and vege)

Friday: homemade pizza using last nights meat and vege as topping and adding tomatoes, cheese, etc (cut up extra tomato and onion) and homemade chips (make extra)

Saturday: corn fritters with crispy bacon and salsa prima using extra tomato and onion from last night with homemade chips (also from last night!)


Monday: bean and sausage casserole with buttery mash and green vege (make extra of potato and vege but don't mash potato and cook an extra couple of sausages and keep them aside)

Tuesday: basic creamy soup using potato and vege from last night with crusty homemade bread

Wednesday: sausage risotto using sausage from monday with pumpkin (make extra)

Thursday: Creamy pumpkin pasta with bacon (using pumpkin from last night)

Friday: steak with baked stuffed potates (keep an extra couple of steaks aside)

Saturday: honey mustard beef with greens (using steak from last night)


Monday: roast beef with roast vege (Make heaps of vege!)

Tuesday: Use leftover roast meat and vege for a quick quiche

Wednesday: the last of the roast vege gets thrown into pasta with and any leftover meat and a homemade tomato sauce (a tin of tomatoes cooking with garlic, onions and herbs - simple dish but tastes divine!!)

Thursday: Crockpot stew with dumplings

Friday: the leftover stew gets turned into a pie and served with homemade wedges (make a double batch and only cook one half)

Saturday: the second lot of wedges go in the oven with homemade pizza


On Monday defrost approx 3kg of mince. Take 1kg and turn it into meatballs and the other 2kg gets cooked up normally with tomato paste and thicken it with cornflour to make it go further and add mixed veges. Heres the weeks menu:
Monday: spaghetti bolognese (with the made up mince) with homemade garlic bread

Tuesday: meatball stroganoff on fettucine with sauteed veges (make extra), use leeks, zuchinni, thinly sliced carrots, etc - anything thats fairly flat and saute it in butter.

Wednesday: lasagne (with the made up mince)and layers of sauteed veges from last night - so mince, vege, lasagne, sauce, mince... make the lasagne on monday when doing the bolognese

Thursday: beef bricks where you take fresh rolls, rip the end off and pull out the bread and fill the rolls with mince then close the end up with bread again and toast slightly in the oven. Serve with sour cream and chilli, etc for dipping and homemade wedges (make extra)

Friday: DIY Beef tortillas - you need tortillas, mince, sour cream, salsa, bowl of sliced tomatoes, bowl of lettuce, bowl of onions, bowl of peppers, grated cheese, any other veges sliced up (make extra of all sliced veges of course) then everyone serves up what they want on their tortillas

Saturday - Meatball salad so use meatballs and salad fixings from last night to chuck together a salad. Fry the onions and warm the meatballs and add warm boiled eggs for a more wintery salad

Mince is cheap, versatile and fun - thursday and friday nights are messy favourites in our house this week and its good for visitors coz mince can stretch. I do change the mince meals so we might have burgers on saturday using the leftover salad fixings or make nachos instead of beef bricks or mince chow mein in place of bolognese. This weeks menu plan has an extra 3-4 mince recipes just depending on how we're feeling.


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