Saturday, May 2, 2009

Menu Plans

Sick of getting to 4.30-5pm and wondering what on earth you're gonna feed the ravening hordes??
Tired of picking up the groceries, spending an exorbitant amount of money and still not having enough food for a weeks worth of meals?
Frustrated, when after a busy day you don't have any idea what you're going to make, can't find enough ingredients to make anything even if you could think of something and end up spending money on takeaways??

Menu plans should be a basic requirement for any family, whatever size. It gives you an clear idea of what you need to shop for, provides an organised approach to mealtimes which cuts out that 4.30-5pm dinner stress, AND eliminates the need for takeaways every second night :)

My meal plan tips:
How many people are you cooking for? Add 2 to that. This means you have enough a. to feed unexpected guests or b. to freeze for future instant meals!

Are you planning any vegetarian meals? (This applies if you eat meat of course :) Make sure they're spaced through the week coz if you have a family thats anything like mine they can't go more than 48 hours without their carnivorous appetites being sated!

Next I look at the meat I'm planning on using and work out how many meals I can make from one pack. For example on Thursday night we had a roast, last night I used half of the leftover roast and the extra veges I'd done to make a quiche, today we've had toasted meat sammies and tonight the last of the meat will go into a meat pie :) 4 meals, 1 lot of meat!

Finally check the ingredients and make sure you have everything you need for the week/fortnights menu. Anything you don't have should go on your shopping list.



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