Friday, May 1, 2009

Preserves Tute

Preserves (if they're sealed properly) last forever. The benefits are cost - preserving costs less, it means less recycling, alot of satisfaction and getting rid of the wads of seasonal fruits that otherwise end up wasted and/or in the compost! I got my smaller Agee jars off my MIL and the others from secondhand stores. Sally army store for example sells the large bottles for $1 ea. Don't forget to buy the screwtops that come with them. Also you need to get seals from your supermarket which the staff should be able to direct you too if you ask for preserving seals.

I dissolve 1 cup of sugar to 3 cups of water, heat and add quarter, peeled, cored fruit. Simmer til semi-soft so the fork goes in but the fruit doesn't fall apart. Meanwhile your washed jars should be in the oven staying nice and warm. Pull one jar out at a time and put somewhere dry (hot glass cracks when in contact with cold stuff) then pack the sliced fruit in (keep the fruit on heat coz it has to stay same temp as bottles). Now put your seals into boiling hot water (do it too soon and the water cools down). Next step ladle the syrup into the glass jars. Slide a knife down the sides to release any air. Top off with syrup until it overflows. Get your seal from the hot water and pop it on the jar and put the screwband on. Put it aside and move on to the next jar. The seal should suck down on your jar so when you push the lid its firm.
I know these may not be the clearest instructions lol I've only just taught myself how to do it so not an expert as yet but its heaps of fun :)


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