Friday, May 1, 2009

General Cleaning

Cleaners are easy peasy. I get the Homebrand white vinegar from Countdown and mix it in $1 spray bottles from super cheap auto.

I do 300ml vinegar to 200ml water and use it on our wooden bread boards, benchtops, table, and bathroom sink.

For the toilet i have a mix of baking soda, washing soda and vinegar which I wipe in the bowl and leave (same as duck?) then go over the toilet with a cloth dampened with vinegar and a sprinkle of baking soda. I follow that with a dry cloth and viola ;)

I use borax, vinegar and salt for the bath and OMG it seriously cleans!! I don't even have to scrub! 1 Tbsp borax + 1 Tbsp salt and white vinegar to mix.

So all my cleaners are pretty much non toxic and natural and it costs me peanuts. If I was to buy the eco stuff from supermarket I'd be paying well over $4 a bottle.


Lindsey said...

I tried the borax/vinegar/salt mix on my bath and OMG!!!!! The bath must be 50yrs old and has had marks on it since we bought the place last year that I just haven't been able to get off with scouring or Jif/Ajax. But after using your 'recipe' it looks wonderful! Will do the same thing each week!

Jakes Mama said...

Thats awesome :D Lol it does work amazingly doesn't it?! Easy too ;)

Safety tip - Make sure you wear gloves to keep the borax from being absorbed if you're doing it regularly.

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